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What is Pure Water?

Water is essential to life. There are many different types of water depending on its sources and processes. All water is different, meaning water will have different elements in various concentrations.

Qualities of Water:

  • Water is vital to all known forms of life, and is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your body uses water to hydrate, lubricate, and cleanse. The kidney is the body's filter and uses water to rinse and flush the excess minerals and contaminates from the body.
  • Although over 70% of the earths surface is covered by water, only 3% of the earths water is fresh water and of that only a marginal percentage is considered fit for drinking

In the water industry, good bottled water is typically water that has been processed and has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) content of less than 100 parts per million of TDS. Less than 50 Parts per million is of good quality, between 50ppm and 100ppm the water would be described as becoming thicker. Above 100 parts per million would be leaving the bottle quality boundaries, even though there are no standards in the water industry for bottled water. One can definitely taste the difference.

One common misconception is; What about the minerals? Pure water doesn't have any, or pure water will leech all the minerals from the body. Your body gets over 98% of its minerals from a good healthy diet, that means not eating at fast food restaurants (if that is really what you call a restaurant).

Important factors of healthy Water:

  • Nothing should be in water but water, plain & pure H2O!
  • No Minerals, No Fluoride!
  • Neutral PH
  • Lowest TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Try placing a bowl of reverse osmosis water down for the dog to drink. Put a bowl of tap water and see which water next to it and see which bowl the animal drinks. It works every time!

Be healthy - drink lots of water. Typically water from the tap does not taste great, so most people drink sodas, juice etc. If you have good tasting water available, you will drink more water and less sodas. As a result you have saved money on unhealthy drinks and became healthier by drinking more water. The average person does not drink enough water throughout the day.

With the right filtration equipment you can have the health benefits of pure water from your kitchen tap. Pure water can be used for drinking, cooking, crystal clear ice cubes and provide good healthy water for your pets. Your house plants will love it, too.

The most economical process for high quality water is reverse osmosis. There are several ways to obtain reverse osmosis water. It has been calculated that with a household of four people or more it is more economical to own or rent a under the sink point of use reverse osmosis drinking system. If less than four people it is more economical to go to the local water store and pre-pay for water discounts and fill your bottles at fill stations provided. Both options are available on the web page.

Distillation is another effective process to produce pure drinking water. Usually distilled water does not taste very good, and is described as dead water due to the fact the oxygen has been remove during the distillation process. At the Water Store 80% of the drinking water we sell is distilled. The distilled water is treated by ozone to disinfect and oxygenate the water and brings back the body and life to the water. The water is then filtered through a coconut carbon filter for great tasting pure water. Distillation is a very hard process to do at home and home distillers are not capable of duplicating the water stores process just described.
Home distillers are available on our web page but not recommended unless done correctly.

Water Quality is our Business!

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